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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Genetic Quislings

Originally posted September 2005

During Germany's invasion of Norway in 1940, the Norwegian fascist politician Vidkun Quisling declared his support for Hitler and was rewarded when the Nazis appointed him as president of Norway. He held this position until the end of the war in 1945, when he was tried and convicted of high treason and executed by firing squad. The word "quisling" came to mean a traitor who profits from collaborating with the enemy.

I was reflecting on this bit of history while wondering just what goes on in the minds of autistic adults who voluntarily give biological samples to autism genetic research projects. (As for samples obtained from children whose parents are told that the research is for a cure of a tragic disease, I don't intend any criticism of such parents, who are innocent victims of the autism industry's family-destroying propaganda.)

Every once in a while, a post will show up on an aspie forum saying something like, "I went to X University to take part in their genetic research study. The researchers were all very nice to me, gave me a free diagnosis, and arranged for me to stay in a comfortable hotel."

I wish I could just dismiss these posts as sneaky spam by researchers posing as aspies, but they look all too real. And I wonder: How can these people not know what is being done with this research? It's no secret that the ultimate goal is a prenatal test: some researchers have even
given interviews bragging about it. A highly regarded professor of bioethics, Arthur Caplan, who wrote the article Would You Have Allowed Bill Gates To Be Born? for MSNBC.com, recently stated that he believes a prenatal test for autism will be developed within three to five years.

No one knows precisely how many autistic babies are likely to be aborted in the next generation, but we're not just talking about a few thousand, or even a few hundred thousand. Unless there is a major change in social attitudes—and pretty damn quick—we're looking at an eight-digit number, at the worldwide obliteration of a genetic minority group, at a brutally effective "final solution" for the inconvenient existence of autistic people.

That being so, any aspie who voluntarily contributes in any way, shape, or form to an autism genetic research study is a traitor to the race and a collaborator in the coming genocide.

And jeez… what sort of putrid, worthless asshole would sell his own people down the eugenicists' bloody river for a free diagnosis and a comfy hotel room? At least Vidkun Quisling got to enjoy a few years in power with his Nazi buddies.

Bottom line: Although traitors generally deserve to be shot, for pathetic pissants like that, it would be a waste of good bullets. Somebody hand me a can of insecticide.

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