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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Give Me an Honest Bigot

Originally posted February 10, 2006

After all the garbage I've seen from so-called charities that proclaim, in carefully chosen euphemisms, that society urgently needs to drug, segregate, torture, and exterminate autistic people (all for our own good, of course), it seems almost refreshing to find an anti-autistic website that openly admits it's a hate site. Give me an honest bigot any day, instead of a sanctimonious liar.

I'm referring to the Hating Autism site (hatingautism.blogspot.com) which belongs to a notorious chelation-obsessed troll whose name I won't bother to mention because he gets too much attention already. You won't find any weasel words there; no, this guy makes it very plain that he hates autistic people, hates the idea of neurodiversity, and is proud of his bigotry. I'm reminded of the TV character
Archie Bunker.

Give me a ranting bigot's blog, where it's obvious to everyone just what it is, rather than the insidious poison served up by pity-party campaigns like the Autism Society of America's exploitative Getting the Word Out site (gettingthewordout.org) with its
images of disability that consist of gross, prejudiced stereotypes and its propaganda so grimly reminiscent of white supremacist slogans.

And speaking of lying curebies, my Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire award goes to Dr. Joseph Buxbaum, the infamous eugenicist who put his foot (shoe and all) very far in the cavernous depths of his mouth last year when he publicly boasted that his research could lead to a
prenatal test for autism by 2015. After a mother of an autistic child blogged about his ethnic cleansing plans (her description, not mine) he sent her a response in which he tried to argue that a prenatal test really wouldn't be used for abortion but, instead, would help parents to make early arrangements for helpful therapies. Yeah right, and I've got some Florida swampland for sale to anyone who believes that.

Buxbaum's true colors came across very clearly in a sneering remark that "none of the parents who ask me about these issues are the parents of a Bill Gates or an Albert Einstein." What I have to say to that is: Dude, you're very far from being an Einstein yourself. Albert Einstein was a passionate campaigner for social justice. He clearly understood that children develop in different ways and that human neurological differences are not a burden to society but, instead, are a source of essential creative diversity. Indeed, this is how Einstein
described his own developmental delay and how it influenced his scientific discoveries:

"I sometimes ask myself how it came about that I was the one to develop the theory of relativity. The reason, I think, is that a normal adult never stops to think about problems of space and time. These are things which he has thought about as a child. But my intellectual development was retarded, as a result of which I began to wonder about space and time only when I had already grown up."

Where are today's Einsteins? Many of them are rotting away in special-needs classes, doped up on behavioral meds and contemplating suicide. In tomorrow's society, they may be gone altogether—there will be no more diversity of thought and perception in the
brave new world that Buxbaum and others like him seek to create. In that world, the extermination of millions of human beings will be seen as a wonderful charitable act and a public health triumph.

So let's have a round of applause for the honest bigots. Maybe the foul stench of their hate will wake up some people as to what's really going on here.

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