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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Enemy's Divide-and-Conquer Tactics

Originally posted June 2005

It's a war out there. That much is obvious, but there's a hell of a lot of confusion about just who the combatants are.

Eugenicists and quack-cure peddlers like to paint themselves as saviors of the public health, waging a heroic battle against a horrifying epidemic. Military and disease-contagion metaphors abound. Autism in all its forms (and by extension, the millions of human beings who have autistic characteristics) must be fought, defeated, and eradicated.

There's nothing new about this sort of propaganda, of course. Genocidal regimes throughout history have followed roughly the same script, describing a minority group as a plague, a cancer, or a festering infection. The only difference is that the eugenicists have developed more sophisticated techniques over time. Now, instead of building concentration camps and gas chambers for their victims, they work quietly in laboratories out of the public view, claiming that their genetic research is intended only to cure the suffering unfortunates. On occasion, the mask slips, and one of them says enough, in an unguarded moment, to make the true goal plain: Prenatal testing. Routine abortion. No more autistics to bother with. Ever.

To ensure that they don't face a united front against them, they've cooked up a clever scheme to distract their opposition by creating a shitload of different and ill-defined diagnoses for those on the autistic spectrum. They want to create divisiveness and infighting among autistics, so as to divert the autistic community's attention from the real issues. It's the divide-and-conquer strategy. The Romans used it very effectively. And on the plantations of the American South, the more intelligent and capable slaves were regularly chosen to be "house niggers" and were taught to think of themselves as superior to the "field niggers." The two groups were played off against one another so skillfully that almost no slave rebellions arose.

"If you're capable enough to communicate," our modern-day plantation owners tell us, "you must be Asperger's, not really autistic, so what concern is it of yours how autistics are treated? Just be a good little aspie and do as you're told, and we'll take good care of you and give you all the meds you need to keep you happy."

Sadly, some poor foolish souls are gullible enough to swallow this line. No matter that the eugenicists' research studies make no distinction whatsoever between Asperger, Kanner, PDD, or any of the other crapola diagnoses that have been multiplying like flies on horseshit in recent years. The genetic researchers are collecting biological samples from all the so-called groups on the autistic spectrum; they're not making exceptions. We're all targeted for extermination. To any autistic person who has not yet realized that simple fact, I offer you a virtual kick in the ass to awaken you from your stupor.

(The Autistic Bitch from Hell prefers pointy-toed boots. No way anyone is going to sleep through a well-aimed kick from one of them.)

And to the genocidal profiteers of the autism industry: Just in case it wasn't totally clear already, I am not your fucking house nigger. I will not allow you to label me as defective, limit my future, or pass judgment on my value to society. In fact, I wouldn't even wipe my feet on dogshit like you. Now pucker up those slimy little lips of yours and kiss my autistic ass.

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